Where students learn to learn ...

If you are looking for a rigorous and balanced curriculum designed to engage and challenge students then the Mount Academy might just be for you. Flexible course schedules and personal learning plans allow students to progress at their optimal pace. Professional development courses ensure that students will be well prepared for whatever career path they choose.

Engaging Learning Environment

Activities and projects keep it interesting ...

Although we don’t venture too far, our 18 acre campus and adjacent, orchards, wetlands and pastures provide ample room to be active and explore. The PEI Confederation Trail runs adjacent to our property, so we often find ourselves exploring to look for new learning opportunities. Students and staff working together to explore and solve problems in a relaxed and collegial environment is what the Mount is all about.

Student Support

Anytime, anywhere ... just ask ...

At the Mount small class sizes enable teachers and students to get comfortable with each other very quickly. We want our students to feel comfortable talking to us, so we take time to really get to know them. Daily interaction and casual conversation between students, teachers and staff builds trust and the sense that we are all in this together. Personal Learning Plans and individual advisement ensure that students individual needs are met.

University Preparation

We make sure you are ready ... for whatever ...

We want all our students to start thinking about university or college as soon as they arrive. In depth career planning begins in grade 9, but even our grade 7’s and 8’s are encouraged to start thinking about life’s possibilities. With the University of Prince Edward Island in our backyard, student’s have a chance to experience University life on a weekly basis.

Creative Curriculum

It's not what you do, but how you do it ...

The Mount Academy has at it’s core a very solid provincial curriculum with proven courses and 21st century learning outcomes. At the Mount we build on this foundation by delivering the courses in a unique activity based learning environment where student interaction and engagement is our number one priority. Ongoing monitoring of student progress and regular reflection on how we can make their experience better is what makes the Mount special.

Academic Highlights

Not what you learn, but how you learn it ...

Below is a list of some of our academic highlights, for more imformation please feel free to contact us, we would love to have the opportunity to speak with you.

Student teacher ratios are a maximum of 14:1 and when instructors, community mentors, and coaches are included, the ratio often drops to 4:1.

Synergy Classroom, this is a flexible space where academics and athletics collide. A multi-purpose fitness room one minute, a formal classroom the next.

Cafeteria Lounge, offering dietitian designed meals for students, as well as a great place for individual and group study.

UPEI Labs, the UPEI Science Faculty and Departments of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering are kind enough to conduct two labs each with our students throughout the school year.

The Mount Academy has at it’s core a very solid provincial curriculum with proven courses and 21st century learning outcomes. As a private school, the Mount Academy had the opportunity to build a program on top of this with no legacy issues and few limitations.

Best practices, while envisioning a learning environment where students are actively engaged in the process of learning, we conducted extensive research into independent school best practices from around the world.

Community mentors, the Mount is an active service community where students interact with real people in real situations on a daily basis.

Student mentors, students helping students is an integral part of the educational model at the Mount. Integration of students from different grade levels occurs often and on purpose.

The Mount academic program is divided into eight (8) key groups plus a community service and advisory component. Groups 1-4 (English, math, science and social studies) are based largely on the public school curriculum outcomes. Groups 4-8 (Fitness, Languages, Elective, Exploratory) are Mount Best practice creations that are designed to engage students in the learning process where they will develop personal and professional skills for University and their life beyond.

Every student at the Mount has their own faculty advisor who is there to talk anytime you want.


Active education for the whole student body ...

Mount students get to enjoy physical activity every day. Whether is part of individual or group training, recreation or as part of their chosen sports program, everyday at the Mount Academy has activity to keep your blood pumping. It is well recognized that activity increases energy and improves both physical and mental performance and at the Mount we take our performance very seriously.

High Performance

Work hard, achieve more ...

Fitness Programs are common to most competitive sports programs where strength, conditioning and flexibility can make the difference between success and failure. The Mount HP Program provides not only a rigorous physical training element but also addresses other performance related topics in nutrition, wellness and mental elements of competition.

Sport Programs

You must pick one or two ...

Hockey is close to our heart at the Mount, but there are so many other sports to choose from which is why at the Mount, multisport is mandatory! Athletes must choose at least one alternate skills program to round out their sport specific training for the year. For some programs, students or teams may also compete in sanctioned events of the PEISAA.


Just for fun, or maybe not ...

Sometimes serious athletes just want to have fun. After structured fitness and sport specific activities all week, sometimes even committed student athletes just want to have fun. Every Friday morning, we relax a bit and head to the UPEI Field House to try different sports and games, just for fun. It may be recreation, but friendly competition among classmates is hard to avoid!

Varsity Programs

Taking it to the next level ...

NEW... Starting in the fall of 2018 the Mount Academy is planning to offer varsity hockey and golf teams. Teams will have dedicated training and practices schedule, participate in the HP Fitness program and compete with other prep schools in the region and beyond!

Great Facilities

Some people may say unreal ...

Steps away from the Mount Academy is the University of Prince Edward Island, the Bell Aliant Centre and the Canada Games Athletics Complex which are able to host many of our sports programs. These modern state of the art facilities are equipped with hockey rinks, pools, full recreation gyms, squash courts, tracks and much more. Thanks to UPEI, Synergy Fitness and other program partners, the Mount Academy provides an perfect environment for student athletes to train and succeed. In 2018, the Mount will also be adding new academic and athletic facilities onsite.

Athletic Highlights

We push each other to be better, stronger, faster ...

Below is a list of some of our athletic highlights, for more imformation please feel free to contact us, we would love to have the opportunity to speak with you.

Strength and Conditioning Programs, we start with fitness and self evaluations to identify individual athletes strength and weakness and to identify areas of interest, focus and goals.

Yoga, this is an important part of our High Performance Fitness. Physiologically, it aids in the development of each athletes balance, mobility, and flexibility.

Knowledge, our High Performance Fitness Classroom provides an activity oriented experience where students explore what it takes mentally, physically and emotionally to be a competitive athlete.

Long Term Athletic Development, our High Performance Fitness Progam follows Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Model. Athletes will perform appropriate training for their age and sport.

Hockey Skills program, the Mount Academy Hockey is a co-curricular skills program that operates during our 40 week school calendar from early September to the end of May.

Varsity Hockey, the Mount Academy is a recognized Hockey Canada Sport school. We have Male and Female Varsity Hockey teams across many age levels.

Golf program, the Mount Academy Golf Program is a co-curricular program that operates during our 40 week school calendar from early September to the end of May. The Mount Academy will also have a Varsity Golf team.

Soccer program, the Mount Academy soccer program is a skills based program designed to compliment local club teams and elite provincial programs.

Ringette program, the Mount Academy Ringette Program is a co-curricular program that operates during our 40 week school calendar from early September to the end of May.

Health & Wellness, the Mount Academy Health and Wellness program is a co-curricular program that operates during our 40 week school calendar from early September to the end of May.

Individual Sports, at the Mount, we also support individual athletes who wish to train during the school day when their energy levels are the highest.

Student Life

Life at the mount is far from typical ...

Walking down the halls of the Mount it may feel more like real life than school. Whether its talking to residents on their daily stroll, chatting with business people coming for a midday workout, or playing board games with the residents or staff at lunch, the Mount Academy is part of an active living community where academics experiences meet real life every day.

Our students may be over the top busy, but they love every minute of it! Traditional classroom, student led activities, recreation, fitness, professional development and community service occur weekly if not daily. Our schedule is structured, but if need be, we can be flexible. Teachers are open and adaptable so that impromptu learning opportunities are not lost. At least twice a year we stop everything and go on a road trip, not because we have to, but because we can!

Community Service

A fulfilling sense of duty ...

At the Mount Academy students participate in Individual and team based volunteer service within the Mount Continuing Care Community and asscoiated non-profit organizations. Participating organizations may be local, national and international with projects complexity and duration varying from things a simple as weekly interactive work with the seniors to longer term strategic or operational projects for partner insittutions. Service is the way of life at the Mount Academy.

Student Commitment

No one said it was going to be easy ...

When all your friends are heading out on a Friday night to have fun, you are heading to the gym, sound familiar? Student athletes require tremendous commitment to perform at the highest levels and to keep both their athletic and academic careers on track. Trying to balance workout schedules, meal choices, team practices, studying and time for friends and family can challenging. At the Mount Academy you are not alone. Your classmates are living the dream as well, so they can relate and being surrounded by committed student athletes makes managing life that much simpler.

Field Excursions

It's okay to relax and have some fun ...

Some of the best learning opportunities occur when you least expect it. Mount excursions are not so much about learning as getting away to relax but its hard not to pick up a few things along the road or the trail. We plan four regional excursions a year where the focus is to explore new places, stay active and reduce stress. This fall we explored some of the newest hiking and mountain biking trails in the Province. Four hours and 16 km later we met back at the staging area to regroup share stories and lunch before heading home. In January we will head to Brookvale for some Nordic and Alpine activities.

Guest Speakers

Taking it to the next level ...

The Mount Academy is proud of it annual speaker series which features a diverse group of business entrepreneurs and sports industry professionals. At the Mount Academy we want students to know what is going on in the world around them. The speaker series in one of our ways to bring the world to them. The annual series brings engaging business and sports leaders from around the region to our campus for small fire side chats with the students.

Student Life Highlights

Life at the mount is far from typical ...

Below is a list of some of our student life highlights, for more imformation please feel free to contact us, we would love to have the opportunity to speak with you.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Mount students have opportunity to participate in the international recognized Duke of Edinburgh program. The program has three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze and is open to anyone between the ages of 14 and 24.

Outward Bound Canada, Outbound Canada is a non-profit charitable organizarion that provides experential learning programs for high schools, Universities and community organizations.

Study Hall, everyday, the Mount Academy has study hall where students and staff congregate to review the days work, answer questions and try to get the work done.

Stage Productions, each year the Mount Academy students produce and perform at least one stage production. All students must particpate in this community event in some respect.

Personal Time, Busy schedules make personal time sometimes hard to find at the Mount, but there when there is a will there is a way. Students often arrive early or stay a few minutes late and this is OK at the Mount. As a 24/7 facility, there are always staff in the building.

Need a challenge, we pay pretty close attention to how our students are doing and feeling, but if you are craving a challenge either in the class or in your sport, just ask. Mount Academy students take ownership of their learning and training, by closely monitoring your own academic and athletic goals and performance and factoring in other out of school commitments.


A better experience starts here ...

Are you a strong student? A committed athlete? Do you thrive on challenges and being pushed to your limits? If so, then the Mount Academy may be for you. We know choosing the right school environment can be stressful and we want to make sure that we can provide the learning and training support you are looking for. As a small school we often end up with more applicants than seats in a given year. If you are interested in attending the Mount Academy, please start the process early. If accepted, we can defer your attendance for up to one year.

Admissions Process

Multiple steps with a purpose ...

The application process evaluates students suitability early on so that students can avoid wasting time filling out detailed applications and references if the fit is clearly not right. The brief pre-application form allows us to explore your abilities, interest and aspirations to determine if an in person or online interview would be helpful. Students who successfully make it to the formal application stage are strongly encouraged to visit the campus to learn more about us.

Is the Mount Academy right for you?

Take time to make sure you are in the right place ...

The Mount Academy philosophy is that hard work gets you ahead in school and in life. We know that having intelligent hard working people is critical to the success of any organization and students attending the Mount can feel proud of joining a community striving to be the best they can be every day.

Tuition and Financial Aid

If you have what it takes, it shouldn't be about the money ...

The tuition you pay at the Mount depends on grade level and what athletic program(s) you chose. Students who play on varsity teams have an additional fee to cover extra session times, uniforms and travel. We pride ourselves on keeping fees as affordable as possible, but if you feel you have what it takes to be a Mount Academy Saint, but can not afford the tuition or program fees, please apply anyway and maybe you can qualify for one of our financial assistance packages.

If you would like to start the application process please contact us as soon as possible. We would love to learn more about you, and help you take the first steps to realizing your full academic and athletic potential .


See what our students and parents are saying ...

Below are some of the things our students and parents are saying about The Mount Academy, for more imformation please feel free to contact us, we would love to have the opportunity to speak with you.

Jillian Murphy


The Mount Academy is a school where you can reach your full potential and goals. This year I have improved my skills, made new friends and have been able to have more experiences than I ever would have. The Mount is a place where I look forward to going everyday. Being able to workout and go on the ice three times a week makes my days here unforgettable. Choosing to come to the mount was a decision I do not regret.

Jillian Kelly-Murphy

Meg Aiken


What I love about the Mount Academy is that it makes learning fun. Every morning I wake up excited to go and find out what we will be doing that day. The small class sizes and one on one attention has helped me learn and achieve so much more as a student. When I first arrived at the Mount I wasn’t the best shooter or puck handler, but with the three ice times a week and training in the gym I have improved so much. The Mount has taught me so many new skills as a person and player, and I continue to learn everyday.

Meg Aiken

Lucas Parsons


The Mount Academy is a place that I can come to learn and excel both in the classroom and on the ice, without the distractions that used to be all around me. Over my time spent at the Mount Academy I’ve improved drastically with help from the ice times, the gym time and all the extra one on one support in the classrooms. I can now see the improvements I have made and continue to make that I personally thought I could never achieve, all thanks to the Mount Academy

Lucas Parsons

Liam Jinks


The Mount Academy is a great school which provides a friendly but competitive environment for you and your peers, which, in result, makes everyone improve faster academically and physically. Through my few months at the Mount I met new people who shared the same interests as me and I made friendships that will last a long time. As someone who plays an individual sport, I came into this school not knowing anyone and not knowing what to expect. But the kids who played hockey accepted me completeley.

Liam Jinks

Sheri Taylor Bradley


Our two children’s experience at The Mount Academy has proven to exceed our expectations. Smaller class sizes are a significant benefit in regards to academics. In addition to the academics, the extracurricular activities promote a healthy life style. Our children are learning early to interact and respect the elderly through their daily interaction with The Mount residents. We are thoroughly impressed with the teachers and instructors. We know we have made a good decision.

Sheri Taylor Bradley

About - The Mount Academy

A better way ...

The founders envisioned a school environment where student athletes would be able to train and study during the day when their energy levels are the highest . A place where students could experience personal and professional growth and a healthy balanced lifestyle. A place where teachers and advisors understand the challenges student’s face and work with them to manage all aspects of their school and sport life.

Many schools offer co-curricular academic and athletic programs but at the Mount we provide a lot more than that. We are a community of like minded individuals looking to lead active and healthy lifestyles where individual success is encouraged and fostering friendship and service to our community is expected. Staff and students share a passion for learning, sports and life. Our motto “Strength 2 Succeed ” defines every aspect of how we envision our physical, mental and emotional development.

Our Mission

It keeps us grounded ...

The Mount Academy strives to provide a collegial active learning environment. Students are engaged and enthusiastic about the learning process and they develop the essential knowledge and life skills required for success in University and beyond.

Our Philosophy

It makes us real ...

At the Mount we believe hard work and the desire to be better is fundamental. Our motto “Strength 2 Succeed” embodies what we believe to be true, that hard work builds physical, mental and emotional strength and develops the skills and knowledge required for success. We believe that it is not what you know that matters but how you know it. Learning how to learn powers our student athletes in all aspects of life and ensures that they are well prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Our Vision

What we strive to be ...

Our vision is for the Mount Academy is to be a world leader in graduating students with the confidence, skills and motivation to make a difference in society. They will realize that with a growth mindset, and being an involved student in their learning, you can benefit from contructive critism and achieve much more than you ever thought possible. Because our students are tested through verbal, wriiten, and hands on activities, they are well rounded and comfortable with new and often uncomfortable situations.

Our Story

There had to be a better way ...

As parents of student athletes, the Mount Academy founders have personal experience with the challenges students and their famlies face in the pusuit of academic and athletic dreams. Early mornings, late nights, homework in the car, eating on the road, a tough lifestyle to manage even for the most committed and organized family.

There had to be a better way, and there is. The Mount Academy works with families to provide a co-curricular integrated approach to supporting the student athlete. Building physical training into their day and monitoring their physical and mental state in real time to ensure they are doing OK. We help students set goals, take responsibility for their learning, training and personal development on a daily basis.

The Beginning

What we strive to be ...

The Mount Academy launched it’s inagural year in June of 2017 with 22 mostly hockey students (one squash player!) in grades 8-10. Located within the Mount Community Care Community, the Academy was fortunate to be welcomed into a historic facility which had just recently recieved a multimillion dollar renovation in 2014. Plans and recruitment are well underway for the 2018/19 season with expansion in facilities and programming. Starting in the Fall of 2018, the Mount Academy will be accepting students into grades 7 through 12 and will occupy 5,000 ft2 of dedicated learning space in the newly constructed Mount Annex. Athletic programs for 2018/19 will also expand to include hockey, soccer, ringette, golf and wellness.

The Mount Community

We call it home ...

The Mount Community Care Facility was purchased from the Sister’s of Saint Martha in 2013 and underwent a major renovation. It re-opened in 2015 as a seniors housing and community hub for the surrounding area. When the Academy was searching for a home, the Mount Community Care Community presented an amazing opportunity to join with an organization whose core values of respect, fairness and compassion were something we could appreciate. The community has welcomed the students with open arms and has created a very unique learning opportunity. In 2018/19 when the preschool kids move in, the community will encompass healthy learners across the entire life spectrum.

Our First Partner

Synergy is the perfect word for our relationship ...

We are not sure where we would be without Kris MacPhee and his staff at Synergy fitness. Synergy Fitness is also located inside the Mount Community and forms an integral part of our Athletic programming. Synergy offers a high performance training experience for competitive athletes looking for an edge. Clients of Synergy have included current and former NHL players and NHL prospects. They also train both University varsity hockey and soccer teams teams, the Major Midget Pride, Major Bantam teams, Female Hockey teams, Provincial Ringette teams, just to name a few.

Kenny's Welcome

Hard work pays off, it just does ...

Welcome to the Mount Academy

It is an exciting year for us at the Mount, as we make history in being a first of its kind on PEI. We are fortunate to be part of the larger Mount Community, which thanks to the Sisters of Saint Martha has a long and committed history of educational excellence and service to the community.

At the Mount, a shared sense of community and the overarching goal of excellence is the foundation of our educational experience. Students are given the opportunity to pursue their dreams and realize their full potential. It is up to them to decide how high to set the bar.

As student athletes, we know you expect a challenging experience and coaches and staff are here to make sure you are not disappointed. If you have any questions or concerns about the Mount and how we operate, please feel free to contact me directly at any time.


Kenny MacDougall Headmaster
The Mount Academy

Our People

Meet the team ...

At the Mount, we believe that everyone has something to contribute and that an organization built around equality and respect is the best way to be successful. Our staff work collaboratively with students and parents to provide a coordinated and personalized educational experience.

The Mount Academy is a small school with big ideas. Our staff, students and advisors believe in what we are doing and are prepared to put in the long hours and effort required to make sure we provide the best experience possible. We are all in this together.

Our Leadership

Kenny MacDougall


Kenny has his hand in a lot of activities at the Mount. He is the Headmaster of the school, teaches English and Social Studies, the Director of Hockey Programs and the hockey skills coach. Kenny has over 20 years experience in education and hockey instruction. He has 15 years of Administration experience and with an M.Ed in Counselling and Human Development .Kenny is an Advanced Level 1 coach has coached at multiple levels of hockey including Team Atlantic, Canada Games, Major Bantam, Major Midget and the University of Prince Edward Island. Kenny is also the co-founder of the very successful Promac Hockey spring development program.

Stephen Champion

Chief Operating Officer

As with all our school directors, Steve wears quite a few hats at the Mount. He is a program administrator, teacher and instructor while also providing tech support and curriculum devlopment. He is an engineer by training and has over 25 years experience in the fields of project and financial management. He spent over 10 years as a professor and chair of the UPEI Engnieering program and was one of the visionaries in their new Sustainable Design Engineering program. His program development and delivery experience and drive to create world class programs is a great addition to Mount senor management team. He is also a Certified Golf Teaching Professiona and an avid biker in his spare time!

Paul Jenkins

Strategic Planning

Graduated Pharmacy in 2000 and started the Friendly Pharmacy 2004. After selling the pharmacy Paul became an associate professor at the College of Pharmacy Dalhousie University along with the Sobeys Pharmacy Business Development Director. Paul enjoys biking, hiking, and creating new concepts for various business's.

Kris MacPhee

Strategic Planning

Kris is the owner of Synergy Fitness and Nutrition and has worked with athletes of all levels and across a wide range of sports. Synergy is a leading performance training center which develops hundreds of athletes annually including many youth athletes, provincial teams, UPEI sport teams, the Charlottetown Junior Islanders as well as many national level and professional athletes. Kris has a strong understanding of what athletes need in order to reach their true potential within their sport. As a former university athlete and coach as well as professional athlete Kris understands how to create and foster an environment that athletes will feel confident and challenged.

Meet our Team

People don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care

The Mount Academy staff is a dedicated , hard working group. The school staff are committed to quality instructional practices, innovative curriculum delivery, and providing students with opportunities to meet their full academic potentials.

Our Faculty

Jill MacIsaac


Caleigh Oehkle


Kenny MacDougall

Language Arts/SS

New 2018

Grade 11/12

Our Instructors

Stephen Champion


Lindsay Dickieson

Community Service

Angela Rice

Community Service

Jillian Brown

Community Service

Our Hockey Program

Kenny MacDougall

Director of Hockey

Waye Savage

Goalie Coach

Shannon MacAulay

Female Coach

Our Golf Program

Kevin Champion

Director of Golf

Ben King

CPGA Professional

Stephen Champion

CGTF Instructor

Integrated sport science team

Kris MacPhee

Director of Performance

Shannon MacAulay


Travis MacIsaac

Mental Coach

Ashley Hollis

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Morgan Campbell

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Bailey Green

Registered Dietitian

The Mount Academy Councils

Working collectively in the spirit of cooperation

Student Council

The Mount Academy Student Council (MASC) represents the student body in the planning and execution of student initiatives. They are also responsible for interaction with the Academy Administration and Community Council. The MASC has three (3) executive leadership positions and six (6) grade members representing the student body. MASC elections are typically held in May of the preceding year. The members of the current MASC are as follows:

Carter Champion



Grade 7

Jesse McGrath

Grade 10

Riley MacDougall

Vice President

Crosby Andrews

Grade 8


Grade 11

Harlee Bradley


Jillian Kelly Murphy

Grade 9


Grade 12

Community Council

The Mount Academy Community Council (MACC) is a group of industry and academic professionals who meet twice per year to review Mount Academy operations and to provide operational oversight and strategic advice to the Board of Directors. Council members for the current year are as follows:

Jeff Squires


Debbie MacLellan


Windsor Wight

Public Branch

Colin Hawes


Paul Murnaghan

Holland College

Gemma Koughan

Sport PEI

Carter Champion

MA Student

Lindsay Dickieson

Mount Community

Stephen Champion

MA Board

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you ...

Whether you’re a curious student, a proactive parent, an outstanding teacher looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, a member of the press, or simply seeking information, here’s how to get in touch:


141 Mount Edward Road
PE C1A 5T1 Canada


+1 902 394 1126

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